The Pros & Cons of Trading With The 100% Profit Bot

options traderBinary options are a good investment alternative for rookie traders because it provides rookie traders with pre-determined rewards and access to a global market. Binary options are easy to understand and use because traders who take this option are given cash or asset payout or nothing at all once the trading clocks expires.

That said what are the pros and cons of this kind of trading? And furthermore, what are the pros and cons of trading using the 100% Profit Bot? Let’s take a look, first we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of binary options trading in general…

So, what EXACTLY are the advantages of binary options trading?

Well, binary options trading can be a profitable endeavor, but it will need time and a lot of luck. One of the biggest advantages is that the profit a trader makes is already determined before any purchase of instruments take place, and binary options are relatively safe, especially for new traders or low risk investors.

Another advantage is it will not matter if the market moves for or against a trader, the rewards and risks are already determined. Traders are given two outcomes, which are: earn a fixed amount or equivalent asset or nothing at all. Traders also do not pay or earn commissions or fees but it will vary depending on the broker. Binary options are also simple and easy to understand. Traders of binary options only make one choice, which is, will the asset move down or up. For low risk traders, binary options present little to no liquidity problems because they do not own any of the underlying assets traded in this kind of financial instrument.

What are the disadvantages of binary options trading?

The biggest disadvantage of binary options trading is that the payout is always lower than the risk. To recoup any losses incurred, a trader must be right in predicting a profit most of the time. The risk and gains often vary from instrument to instrument and broker to broker, but losing in the market will cost a trader more compared to the gains he or she makes.

Now that we’ve looked at some general pros and cons, how does the 100% Profit Bot fit into all of this? Well, the Marvin’s new 100% Profit Bot was designed using a special new algorithm that is getting his beta testers some rather incredible results. So, at first look, there don’t seem to be any real disadvantages to the 100% Profit Bot. The advantages however look pretty clear as using this software allows one to sit back and allow the software to do the work for them. In the end only time will tell how this new bot will preform for you, but based on the data available thisbot looks like the next big thing on the binary options scene.


How To Get An Ex Back With Manifestation Miracle

smiley lady and manOften times when a person wants there ex back they will look for some tricky strategy to manipulate their ex with. However, one of the best ways to go about getting your ex to return is simply to use the Law of Attraction. I know, this sounds a little like new-age hocus-pocus, but there is a huge body of evidence showing that the Law of Attraction is real, and that we really can manifest the things that we want in life if we focus on the the right way.

Does this all sound tricky? Well luckily there is a new program called Manifestation Miracle that may be able to simplify things for you about. You can read all about it in this comprehensive manifestation miracle review, but the basic idea is to use something that the author Heather Mathews calls “destiny tuning” to manifest what you want to happen without really applying any real “effort” at all!

Sounds pretty cool right? But how would manifesting your ex back play out in real life? Let’s take a look…

Maybe it’s been just hours later, or a day, or a week, when it hits you: you’ve made a mistake in letting her walk away from you.

Most relationships end on a bitter note, usually after a big fight that ends with the hurtful words that sever the relationship. Maybe you’ve been at fault and she decided to leave; or perhaps she just said that the love was gone and she wanted a life with someone else. Either way, the ending hurts, especially if you’re the one unwilling to end the relationship.

Now you want him or her back. Everyone deserves a second chance after all, and everyone makes mistakes they come to regret. The only thing you have to do now is convince her that this was that one regret, and you want to make it right before you regret it forever. But what if all that “convincing” stuff only makes the problem worse?

If you were the reason why the relationship ended, you’d have to work extra hard to show your ex that you’re a changed person. The key thing here is that he or she must feel you are sincere. And getting them to feel that way will no doubt take a lot of work.

Sp don’t rush into it, give them time and space to think about things. Then try to think about what you really want to happen in your life and your relationship. Take time to think about it and visualize about it daily. Send that nergy out into the universe and be clear, not fuzzy, about your goals…

Then, in subtle ways, do something special for him or her. Apologize — no one seems to do it enough. Acknowledge your mistake, and be ready to commit to work harder at making the relationship work again.

It won’t be instantaneous, but if you persist and persevere with your visualizations I bet you’ll be able to get him or her back.

If your ex  left you for someone else, the road is a little harder. Give them space to know for sure to whom their heart belongs. But keep doing special little things for them and keep doing your visualization, tell her your intentions, and be sincere about it. Don’t get mad, don’t get even, don’t give her a reason to continue being your ex. Be genuinely nice and genuinely kind. It won’t be easy, but when you get them back, it will be worth it.


Will the US Dollar Remain the Global Currency of the Future?

biz-coupleThe US Dollar has been the global currency for the last 70 years.  It has long been a universal truth that no matter where on this planet you are, you were assured to pay for any good or service in US Dollars.  Indeed, many places, no matter how remote, preferred US Dollars over local currency!  Not a surprise when a currency like the Zimbabwean Dollar was so inflated, you had to spend thousands on a loaf of bread!!

But, in recent years, many have begun to doubt the wisdom of tying the global economy to the US Dollar.  This has been especially the case since the Great Recession which began in 2008 with the massive mortgage meltdown.   Some said, the Chinese RMB would eventually take over.  Others said that the Euro was sure to be the global currency of the future.  Here we are, however, 5 years later and neither has shown to be capable of taking the mantle.  In fact, the Euro seems to be taking steps backwards and who knows, in a few years, there may be no European Union currency or political entity at all.

The fact remains, though, political gridlock in Washington has a lot of global leaders and businesses worried about the future of the global currency.  It’s no coincidence that the rise in cryptocurrencies at home and abroad has coincided with the downgrading of the US economy from its AAA rating.  Many are seeing cryptocurrencies as the go-to currencies of the future.  In fact, it represents a truly grass-roots rise of currency where it is happening on a local level and in an organic way amongst entrepreneurs and tech pioneers.  Many believe that these cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin are truly the way of the future and may one day surpass the dollar are the true global currency. Honestly I find that a it hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.